New Study: Stoners Are Well Educated and Make a Lot of Money

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Contrary to the typical stoner stereotype, a recent study shows that the majority of die-hard smokers are well-educated individuals with careers that earn well above-average salaries. According to the Department of Public Health and Social Services Guam Community Health Assessment, nearly 25% of adults who consider themselves habitual marijuana smokers have graduated from college, while 19% have reportedly dropped out of high school and do not hold a diploma or equivalency. Read more

NZ drug laws ‘step towards legalising cannabis’

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New Zealand’s “breakthrough” synthetic drug law could be a step towards the country legalising cannabis, a US drug reformer says. Drug Policy Alliance executive director Ethan Nadelmann, who has been described as America’s leading marijuana legalisation campaigner, will discuss cannabis law reform and the regulation of legal highs in Auckland this week. He is the keynote speaker at the Pathway to Reform conference on Thursday, which is being hosted by synthetic drug industry group the Star Trust. Dr Nadelmann said New Zealand’s synthetic drug law, the Psychoactive Substances Act, was a global “breakthrough” in drug legislation. Read more

15 Extremely Powerful People Who Think Pot Should Be Legalized

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As the marijuana legalization movement grows across the country, more and more prominent figures are voicing their support. In 2012, actor Morgan Freeman spoke out in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, arguing that we should “just legalize it and tax it like we do liquor.” While pot has many celebrity fans from Willie Nelson to Snoop Dogg, several political figures, journalists and business leaders have also gone on the record to support legalization. Marijuana Majority has compiled a list of American thought leaders who believe that marijuana should be legalized. Here are 15 of the biggest names: View here