How to encourage a good trip on psychedelics

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Now I can’t promise anyone they won’t experience distress on psychedelic drugs, but I can say that it will pass – and equally a drug trip can be life changing, euphoric and beautiful. The first thing you should absolutely sure of is, what drug you have, and how much you should take. If you are dealing with magic mushrooms for example, you should absolutely stop over at the mushroom forum here on TripMe and get help with the ID, as well as research appropriate dosages for that species. Know your drug. Mushroom ID forum It’s hard to emphasize how important some of these things can be to those who haven’t experienced psychedelic states, but please be aware, your inner thoughts and feelings will be large, and your logic and normal capabilities diminished. It’s better to have everything in place first. Trip Setting The environment you choose to trip in is very important. You want an environment that is both happy and relaxing to you. Consider carefully how the place you are considering, makes you feel. It’s a great idea to … Read More

Anti-synthetic rally?

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Some small town ill-informed goofballs are trying to organize a protest against synthetics. Maybe some folks with spare time could show up with some "legalize weed" signs, or some signs supporting the new psychoactives bill, like "wait for the testing" or "at last peter has dunne something right", just to counter balance to PTA mom moral panic?…ent_mall_reply Go to Anti-synthetic rally?


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