Nasa-funded study warns of ‘collapse of civilisation’ in coming decades

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Modern civilisation is heading for collapse within a matter of decades because of growing economic instability and pressure on the planet’s resources, according to a scientific study funded by Nasa. Using theoretical models to predict what will happen to the industrialised world over the course of the next century or so, mathematicians found that even with conservative estimates things started to go very badly, very quickly. Referring to the past collapses of often very sophisticated civilisations – the Roman, Han and Gupta Empires for example – the study noted that the elite of society have often pushed for a “business as usual” approach to warnings of disaster until it is too late. Read more

Where to buy synthetic cannabis in Hamilton – 6 retailers banned from selling legal highs

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According to Legal Highs NZ website, 6 Hamilton legal highs retailers have been temporarily banned from selling psychoactive substances including legal weed products also known as “synthetic cannabis” – this comes after months of pressure from some Hamilton residents and politicians. People looking to buy synthetic cannabis or legal highs in Hamilton will have to turn to online legal highs retailers such as our long time sponsor Party Pill Highs. For more information on the six stores affected please follow this link For more information on where to buy legal highs in Hamilton or online please visit this link

High as a Kiwi: Inside the nation saying yes to drugs

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What happens if you stop banning drugs? New Zealand is about to find out – and the rest of the world is watching “I’VE tried probably 150 different psychoactive chemicals,” the man with the Israeli accent tells me over the phone. “So I have a very, er, refined palate.” Known to me simply as Dr Z, the man is a mathematician who used to design sleeping pills for a major pharmaceutical company. The drugs he designs these days are more likely to keep you awake. His most famous creation is mephedrone, or “meow meow”, which was briefly the world’s most famous legal high. Drugs like mephedrone usually slip onto the market via shadowy underground networks. Dr Z first tries his creations himself before recruiting willing human guinea pigs from the online “psychonaut” community. Read more (paywall)

Discovery Sheds New Light on Marijuana’s Anxiety Relief Effects

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An international group led by Vanderbilt University researchers has found cannabinoid receptors, through which marijuana exerts its effects, in a key emotional hub in the brain involved in regulating anxiety and the flight-or-fight response. This is the first time cannabinoid receptors have been identified in the central nucleus of the amygdala in a mouse model, they report in the current issue of the journal Neuron. The discovery may help explain why marijuana users say they take the drug mainly to reduce anxiety, said Sachin Patel, M.D., Ph.D., the paper’s senior author and professor of Psychiatry and of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics. Led by first author Teniel Ramikie, a graduate student in Patel’s lab, the researchers also showed for the first time how nerve cells in this part of the brain make and release their own natural “endocannabinoids.” The study “could be highly important for understanding how cannabis exerts its behavioral effects,” Patel said. As the legalization of marijuana spreads across the country, more people — and especially young people whose brains are still developing — are being exposed to the … Read More

Cancer patients find relief with LSD [NZ HERALD]

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Scientists have carried out the first controlled medical experiment in 40 years with the hallucinogenic drug LSD which they used as part of a psychotherapy course to treat severe depression in terminally ill cancer patients. Volunteers given high doses of LSD – which came to prominence in the hippy culture of the 1960s – showed a 20 per cent decline in their symptoms associated with the extreme anxiety of their medical condition, the researchers found. The small pilot trial, which involved just 12 men and women, also showed that there were no severe side-effects of lysergic acid diethylamide, the psychoactive chemical commonly known as “acid”. However, their depressive symptoms did get worse when given only low doses of LSD, the scientists said. “These results indicate that when administered safely in a methodologically rigorous medically supervised psychotherapeutic setting, LSD can reduce anxiety, suggesting that larger controlled studies are warranted,” concluded the study published in the Journal of Nervous and Medical Disease. Read More