Understanding Supernatural Powers

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There’s much to the world that is a mystery. We don’t know the fundamentals of what stuff is made of yet, we don’t have a single theory to explain everything, we don’t understand the Genesis of the universe, understand consciousness empirically in any fashion – there are great chasms in our understanding. Some of these are the limits of empiricism – we cannot know what we cannot measure. Perhaps we will never understand these things. In ancient mythology, across the globe, there has been talk of humans with extraordinary or seemingly magical powers. These stories persist today. Sun Gazing Yogis A recent one is the yogi, Ratan Manek who claims to live on sungazing, a practice of looking at the sun for long periods of time. Worse, the claim is that NASA have confirmed this, and that it gives him supernatural powers, the ability to survive without food. Absolute falsehood, there are no such studies in existence. There is plenty of suggestion this man and others just hide eating food, in every such study so far. There’s supposed video of … Read More

The final frontier: mapping out the brain

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Whether you choose to traverse the mysteries of the mind through science or psychoactive substances, there’s no denying that the human brain is a wonderful, complex and, at times, frightening thing. Why is mapping the brain so important? This sentiment is shared not only amongst psychonauts, but also by many in the scientific community, who over the years have sought to unravel the mysteries of the mind by mapping out the brain into distinct regions. Developing such a map would help scientists garner a better understanding of the structure, function and connectivity of different parts of the brain, which potentially could have a major impact on the medical world and further our insight into how certain drugs interact with the human mind. However, the accuracy of these maps has always been an issue of some debate. While modern magnetic resonance imaging methods are able to record blood flow in the brain during mental tasks, most maps have been constructed based on the results of a single type of measurement – a technique that can lead to incomplete and ambiguous conclusions. … Read More