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Life is a similar  concept as the pitbull  on a leash.   The pitbull exerts energy and wastes time trying to pull against his chain when he sees what he  perceives to be a threat or his prey. He knows the chain wont break, he knows he will injure his neck and fall tired, yet he allows himself to extend meaningless energy.   Much as life is for us. An idea or concept (energy) is formed, time is wasted and mental energy exerted only having thought about the idea or concept.   By allowing thoughts to stem and detaching from them or ‘Not Following Through’, you are wasting energy and time being as primitive as the pitbull pulling on the chain. Your thoughts know only conditioning of society and perception of what has occurred or is occurring in your life, giving you the excuse to keep exerting energy with no outcome.   ON THE CONTRARY   The trained and conditioned pitbull is the most ultimate hunting tool with no fear.   The pitbulls master takes him hunting among the field … Read More


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Gratitude Tripme Big Kid

The single most powerful emotion to man-kind. Every aspect of life deserves a grateful approach. Through the emotion of gratitude will come a positive mind set.   Feel, act and become grateful for life and all that you have received and you will live a life of abundance.   For every mistake that you feel is made will come an equal effect of balance. it is o.k to view only the positives from any mistake that you feel has been made. Release all positive feelings and aspects that we are grateful for to God or the universe in complete abundance. “To fall is to make a motion to lay a foundation to progress from. Keep moving forward. Keep learning”.- Big Kid          

Non-drug paths to altered consciousness

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There’s a number of ways to altered consciousness. I’ll start with the more everyday changes in conciousness. Sleep deprivation is the altered state the most people are familiar with. It is anxious,  with tunnel vision, vision disturbances, muddled thinking, and yet in other places it is pleasant, where the cannibinoid Oleylethonalamine is released producing sleepiness, warmth, hunger and ease. A variety of body caused ‘highs’ can be produced. The body releases its own opiates, the beta endorphins with a variety of things, like food, sex. Also in exercise, where anandamide, natures THC is released at the same time. A good high intensity work out will give you a great clean buzz. Oxytocin, with it’s MDMA like effect on the brain is connected to bonding. But when talking about altered states, euphoria may not be what people have in mind. A number of physical conditions can produce altered consciousness, such as lack of oxygen, infection or epilepsy. Some epileptics have profound religious like experiences. A fever can in itself produce hallucinations, creating a delirient effect. When I had this, I saw totally … Read More