How to encourage a good trip on psychedelics

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Now I can’t promise anyone they won’t experience distress on psychedelic drugs, but I can say that it will pass – and equally a drug trip can be life changing, euphoric and beautiful.

The first thing you should absolutely sure of is, what drug you have, and how much you should take. If you are dealing with magic mushrooms for example, you should absolutely stop over at the mushroom forum here on TripMe and get help with the ID, as well as research appropriate dosages for that species. Know your drug.

Mushroom ID forum

It’s hard to emphasize how important some of these things can be to those who haven’t experienced psychedelic states, but please be aware, your inner thoughts and feelings will be large, and your logic and normal capabilities diminished. It’s better to have everything in place first.

Trip Setting

The environment you choose to trip in is very important. You want an environment that is both happy and relaxing to you. Consider carefully how the place you are considering, makes you feel.

It’s a great idea to have good preparation. If you trip outdoors, make sure you have all the comfy warmth and dry. The environmental discomforts can become stronger tripping, so prepare well. Conversely, you will feel the magic of nature profoundly, so when the weather is good, this can be amazing. I once went with a friend to the beach, only to discover when the effects were kicking in that, it was too cold and we were under prepared. Conversely out in warm forests on another occasion, the trees and stars breathed magic. Avoid crowded places unless the vibe is top notch. For many (including myself), crowds and the complex emotional vibe is hard to take in, unless it’s an amped positive crowd like at a psy trance party. If you trip indoors, give the place a good clean, and organise before you start.

Keep great company when you trip – only people that you don’t find abrasive, who will also be in a mellow introspective mood at the time. It’s a huge benefit, especially for a first time, to have psychedelic experienced company – someone who can help you understanding and cope. In general it’s usually more enjoyable to trip with others. Don’t trip with people you don’t know generally.

Having some mood enhancements and diversions is a great idea. Control over lighting, soft relaxing music, or video distractions like light comedy. Set up as much of everything you may need beforehand (dvd, computers, water, warmth, clothes etc), so if you need it, it’s there. Fruit, juice and light food can be good to have on hand, if anyone is hungry. Complex or heavy food can be off putting sometimes on psychedelics. Having some cash on hand can be useful too.

The come-up (the initial period of waiting for the drug to take effect), can be an anxious or an excited time – either way, it can be good to do something fun during this period, to help establish that good mood. Play a game, socialize, deep talk, dance – uplift that group vibe.

Plan time with no responsibilities

It’s a good idea to have at least 24 hours, if not 48 in which you will not be required to do anything. Try to make sure no one will interrupt you. Interacting with sober people, either when tripping, or tired and having come down can be a drag, and having to be up to any complex task can be everything from a bit of a tricky task to impossible or near horrifying. Once I had to go to class the next day, I was still under the effects, and it was, let’s say very intimidating. I wish I had planned better.

One does not want to have to deal with an emergency, or day to day responsibilities and social engagements, generally speaking. So it is important to make the time, apart from all these things. It might be better to put your phone on silent and act as if you are not home.

Avoid dangerous activities! Like driving or swimming.

Good space for tripping

You should try and make sure the day you trip, the week or whatever, that you are in a good space mentally. Don’t trip if you are depressed, or fearful or angry. Whatever even subtle stuff you have going on in there, will come out, and become larger than life. Which can be great, and help you learn, and grow, to transcend it, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed and just be stuck. Don’t trip if you have a history of psychosis.

Psychedelics are not an escape. They are more like a microscope.

Be prepared to help others if they are not having a good time. If someone gets trapped negative thinking, you can both positively reassure, and distract. Changes in location, lighting, music, media, conversational topic can help a person redirect their thoughts.

If you, project confidence that everything is okay, and kindly reassure the person, as well as work to move them about other things if they have trouble letting go, you can often quickly move a bad trip back into a good one. When I used to feel overwhelmed, I would usually dim the lighting, put on some soft ambient music and get under a blanket and talk with friends. That or moving to another location, going for a walk or watching something. Just a bit of a shift. Talking to others helps a lot – if someone is asking you for reassurance – be confident, they are okay. They will feel your confidence.

Now all this said, most trips are entirely or predominately positive, and they all tend to be eye opening, expanding experiences, this is really just to help people prepare well if they choose to trip, so everything is a bit easier! Think of it as just as planning and positive thought.

Look after your friends, know your drug and be safe! 🙂