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Nature is pretty abundant with relaxing chemicals. And we are familiar with many of them without knowing it, like lavenders powerful “linalool”, or the theanine in tea that gives you a chill feeling.

When it comes to relaxing legal plants in nature, there is a lot of options here in NZ.

They presented to Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

Ancient painkillers

First used by the Egyptians, and introduced to medicine before opium as a painkiller; Myrrh is culturally protected as a staple of Christian ritual and religion. It was given to Jesus on the cross, in wine, to relieve his pain, and of course, it’s in the nativity story too. It’s of course mainly used in aromatherapy and church incense. Recreationally, it produces a stony dreamy space, via similar mechanisms to opium, which some have compared to Kratom in feeling.

There are a variety of ways to ingest plant oils, with transdermal (rubbed onto the skin) and via steam probably being the healthiest. We don’t know a lot about overuse, and the health effects so don’t smoke oils, take it easy if you experiment and be smart! Of course a lot of essential oils have psychoactive effects, even perhaps things like rose oil.

Something more commonly used at recreational doses in the modern world, is Black Seed or Nigella Sativa. It is an effective painkiller used in herbal medicine and gives mild opiate effects. Again described as a dreamy or floaty feeling, like a mild opium like experience. It in fact is a general regular health tonic, with a wide variety of medical effects. And as well as having its own dreamy mild opiate effects, it also potentiates other opiates.

Straight Chill

Of the mentally relaxing herbs, my picks for most pleasant chill are – Indian warrior, and Prickly poppy, which also have a range of medicinal properties in traditional herbal medicine.

Prickly poppy has its origin in Aztec culture, where it was referred to as the ‘food of the dead’.

I think that refers to its ability to help those sad – potentially it’s actives bear possibility as acute short term anti-depressants. It provides that deep emotional detachment one finds with stronger doses of morphine – without any euphoria, and a mild physical relaxation. Obviously this has positive effects if one is upset, it just puts you in a cloud emotionally, distant from all your troubles.

Indian warrior is a nerve tonic that promotes healthy immune function. It creates a mental and muscle relaxation similar to cannabis. It’s not so much the psychedelic side, but rather the deep meditative calm you get going on after a while on THC – stillness. There’s no euphoria but it’s a great chill, pretty nice when one wants to escape stress, meditate, or seek peace. The buds can be smoked too, and taste okay, if that’s your thing.

Note: Neither can be overused, in a similar manner to alcohol, they do have some toxicity, and Indian warrior should not be used by those with liver disease. Occasional use of these in healthy people should be fairly safe however. For both of these you might have to use the extracts, I used 10-15x in teas.

Subtle Magic

It was believed that it was a giant lotus blossom that first emerged from the primordial waters of Nun and from which the sun-god came forth – Creation Myth of Ancient Egypt

One very subtle delight is blue lotus (or white lotus, both technically lilies but commonly called lotuses). It was also used back in Egypt, in wine, both at parties and during sacred ritual and is a subtle sublime experience without much comparison.

It combines warm bonding social feelings and appreciation of natural beauty, with mild pleasurable tingly sensory feelings, a cannabis like mental relaxation or trance.

All very subtle, such that many, perhaps even most will not notice much at all!

Often used with alcohol, which both enhance each other (to the point most people may notice something is different, even if still fairly mild). This plant is quietly profound and uplifting – It’s nice for romantic bonding, social bonding, dance music events, and experiences in nature as well as anything spiritual. Subtle, but special. A favourite of mine.