Understanding Supernatural Powers

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There’s much to the world that is a mystery. We don’t know the fundamentals of what stuff is made of yet, we don’t have a single theory to explain everything, we don’t understand the Genesis of the universe, understand consciousness empirically in any fashion – there are great chasms in our understanding.
Some of these are the limits of empiricism – we cannot know what we cannot measure. Perhaps we will never understand these things.
In ancient mythology, across the globe, there has been talk of humans with extraordinary or seemingly magical powers. These stories persist today.

Sun Gazing Yogis

A recent one is the yogi, Ratan Manek who claims to live on sungazing, a practice of looking at the sun for long periods of time. Worse, the claim is that NASA have confirmed this, and that it gives him supernatural powers, the ability to survive without food. Absolute falsehood, there are no such studies in existence. There is plenty of suggestion this man and others just hide eating food, in every such study so far. There’s supposed video of it on the net, with Ratan. It’s not uncommon for yogi in the east to be hustlers, which is why Indians are skeptical as well as open minded.

Real? Probably not, in terms of not needing to eat. It may be possible that sungazing as prescribed however is not unsafe (1 hour before sunset, starting with ten seconds), and there could be benefits other than not needing to eat. If anyone wanted to try it, I’d get a doctors advice first though.
So, like homeopathy versus more credible say acupuncture (Supported by a wealth of studies), in the field of the vast mysterious unknown, how do we sort the credible from the non-credible? A big problem is funding.

The Science, Parapsychology

In the area of parapsychology, very little spending goes into anything large scale or from a recognized university. The assumption is that it is wrong, rather that actually testing the hypothesis, like a scientist.

In fact there is a great deal of promising evidence of statistically significant effects, that sadly cannot be verified without expensive large scale studies, nor can it be debunked with similarly tiny ones. Studies into dreaming have suggested low level telepathic effects (Dreams influenced by a sender, focused on a singular visual image) such as Montague Ullman 2003, and that’s been both replicated and debunked via replication and studies into microkinesis have found small scale influences on random numbers (This was actually large scale and at MIT, so solid as heck).

That is, there is actually lots of suggestive evidence, the cincher being MITs study on people influencing random numbers, with a cohort of thousands. That level of statistical certainty is ordinarily treated as a total proof if it can be replicated. No one has tried to prove or disprove it. MIT tried to bury it. That should be the research aim – massive study numbers so that low level effects can be measured, simple controls – the same sort of precision research we’d use to look for heart defects.

At MIT along with people potentially having slight but detectable influences on a random number circuit, the numbers themselves, in the circuit seemed to spike improbably around 9/11. Which is even more curious, if it’s something other than a coincidence.

A group of scientists at Princeton, have begun monitoring quantum random number generators like in the MIT experiment, to see if there is a “Global consciousness”, improbable spikes in the random numbers being the key evidence. They’ve called this “The Global Consciousness Project”.

So are there Superhuman Powers?

Actually all the credible evidence on the topic suggests there might be superhuman powers, lying at a subtle dormant level in everyone. Everything small is contradictory, and so can be taken with salt, but what is large so far, the almost nothing we have, is a tiny bit compelling.

Psychic power’s manifestation might be affected by timing and place, if other parapsychological studies on such things are accepted as true. The so called witching hour, and just before dawn, always come up as times of high activity, strange experiences. Dreams of course, and all those near death states. Given what this illustrates, it seems doubtful an individual would come along with high level abilities, able to prove, or show the effect at any time, and in any state, without doubt. We don’t know enough about the laws, mechanisms, to know the factors influencing manifestation in order to produce large scale effects. We should be searching for the “electron” of the miraculous, not for the solar system of it, the tiny and not the large.

Then again both the Russian and US governments have spent massive amounts on funding for psychic spying programs, and if rumors are to be believed, these persist today, in the form of groups of highly talented remote viewers who gather intelligence with a reasonable probable accuracy about remote sites and activities. But whether the programs persist or not, these notions seemed credible enough to those dependent on technology for survival, to explore in great depths. It could be those governments already have all the answers, who knows!

Torsion: Russian woo, or Russian woah?

What has come out of declassified Russian science is interesting. Is it real or not, the so called “torsion science” or “vortex science”? Well it hard to say. Most of the observations where small scale, the incredible things happening at high energy. I think I’d have to see it replicated to be sure, but many of its suggestions and conclusions answer questions we have about reality.

That is things like mental powers, sacred geometry, levitation (UFOs), pyramids and other things actually have a mechanical explanation (A sort of trans dimensional vortex field from which all matter and energy is manifest, from somewhere else – a sort of plato’s cave reality where reality is created from elsewhere).

And that’s an important thing in a theory, that it has explanatory power. It also gives one a view of history that is intriguing, in terms of the intelligence of the golden civilisations, always showing those sacred geometry colors. It’s also not a billion miles from Bohm’s theory which was recently used to solve cosmic inflation.

American and global scientists working along these ends claim to have invented free energy machines, and you see those sorts of things peddled on scam sites all the time. All things, big energy considered, one has to take all of this with a pinch of damned salt, without closing one’s mind. Sorting the woo from the truth here would take personal experimentation.

Maybe Baby

Perhaps it’s possible, or perhaps there’s something here. Perhaps we do have microkinesis and micro telepathy. But we don’t know yet, empirically, for sure, either way, just like we don’t know what consciousness is, where the universe comes from, or what stuff is ultimately made of. Be great if more scientists where curious, evidence so far is not what you’d expect if there was absolutely nothing to it.

In the meantime, what the truth is, is really up to you. Investigate! Well, so long as it’s not debunked woo, like colloidal silver, and free energy machines ordered via magazines. Don’t let your brains fall out 😛