Legal Highs to be banned immediately in New Zealand

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All legal highs including synthetic cannabis are to be removed and banned from shelves in the next two weeks according to Legal Highs NZ – Peter Dunne made the announcement last minute because Labour Leader David Cunliffe had planned to make an announcement in the following 24 hours that Labour were going to introduce their own policy to remove legal highs from shelves. Many experts are concerned that this will simply drive users to seek the substances from organized crime syndicates. It is possible for users to purchase the pure cannabinoid ingredients online and manufacturer their own synthetic cannabis or simply use the pure chemicals without “watering it down” on a leaf base. There are concerns that addicts will turn to using these pure chemicals in glass pipes similar to the way methamphetamine addicts smoke pure crystal. Ross Bell from the NZ Drug Foundation told media last week that customs are going to have a very hard time stopping drug users from buying synthetic cannabinoids online as the amount needed for up to 500 doses was less than a 1/4 … Read More

Side Effects from Synthetic Cannabis

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Synthetic Cannabis use, just like any drug, including alcohol can cause a number of side effects, some of which can be more serious the more you use. Just like alcohol there are common side effects from using synthetic cannabis, but more serious side effects can occur when a user abuses these products. Some side effects from drugs and alcohol are quite similar, however where alcohol may cause a user to have reduced anxiety, some synthetic cannabis drugs may induce mild anxiety in heavy or first time users. For the full list of synthetic cannabis side effects please follow this link;

Where to buy synthetic cannabis in Hamilton – 6 retailers banned from selling legal highs

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According to Legal Highs NZ website, 6 Hamilton legal highs retailers have been temporarily banned from selling psychoactive substances including legal weed products also known as “synthetic cannabis” – this comes after months of pressure from some Hamilton residents and politicians. People looking to buy synthetic cannabis or legal highs in Hamilton will have to turn to online legal highs retailers such as our long time sponsor Party Pill Highs. For more information on the six stores affected please follow this link For more information on where to buy legal highs in Hamilton or online please visit this link