The New Zealand Magic Mushroom Season

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As the days get colder, and wetter, Psychedelic mushrooms containing psilocybin begin to bloom in damp shaded spaces, and some of NZ’s illicit inner space adventurers will get to some serious tripping. Last week I gave a bit of a background and the effects of magic mushrooms, for those who are interested it’s below this article.

However, as anyone who knows anything about mushroom hunting knows, there are numerous misidentifications that can be actually fatal. You have to be careful out there!

If you need help identifying a suspected ‘magic mushroom’, I would strongly advise you to check with the more experienced people in this subforum on TripMe. They have all sorts of information including hunting guides, it’s a genuinely great resource that people should check out:

If you are unsure if your mushrooms are ‘magic’, absolutely check here and be SAFE. Please DO NOT use the photo’s in this article for ID, post an ID request in the TripMe forum instead.

What are “Blue Meanies” and “Gold Tops”

Gold Tops, which refers to Psilocybe cubensis or subcubensis more globally do not grow in New Zealand. Often Psilocybe subaeruginosa (pictured below) are referred to as “Gold Tops” here. This mushroom is found in often in pine bark, or wood chips.



Blue meanies is actually a little bit of a confusing term here in New Zealand. Globally this is generally Copelandia cyanescens also known as Panaeolus cyanescens and these may not grow here (There are references to it, but it’s in dispute).  Many blue bruising mushrooms are referred to as ‘blue meanies’ in New Zealand, which can make the term confusing when used in conversation. There are many other varieties here in New Zealand such as Psilocybe aucklandii.

So far as dosage goes, one of the good things about magic mushrooms, is you can take a meaningful low dose very easily next to LSD or anything else. A low dose can make for an experience that is mind expanding, but not overwhelming. If it’s your first time and you insist on eating magic mushrooms – check the ID guide, be sure, and don’t be a hero, go low on dose (look up your particular mushroom for dosing advise and get help ID’ing it in the forum). You’ll be glad you did.

Where do people find magic mushrooms?

A common place to look is damp shaded areas, such as light bark beneath trees (not the thick stuff used in gardens, the more natural kind). However, you will find such mushrooms growing in many damp environments, including in open fields, deeper into the colder days. Pine forests and pine needles tend to be also places where they grow. If you pick from some way up the stalk, rather than the whole mushroom, the patch will keep growing next year. Picking magic mushrooms is illegal, as is possession, so I do not advise anyone to do this!

Incidentally if anyone is interested in a legal mind expanding experience, there is an option. There is a floatation place in Auckland, and they have multi-float deals. Listen to Joe Rogan on the topic, and you’ll realize this is actually a mind expanding experience, if you do it a few times and ‘let yourself into it’. Essentially, similar to psychedelics you are magnifying the inner, and diming the outer. And it’s 100% legal.

Lucid dreaming, and dream enhancing herbs are another alternative area, as is meditation and trance if you are dedicated enough. There is much to be learnt from the inner mind, and drugs are not the only way in.

How do people consume magic mushrooms?

Typically, people either eat the fresh, or dried, or preserved mushrooms, or make a tea. The active ingredients are soluble in hot water, and the mushrooms aren’t the tastiest kind, they have a strange subtle hard to describe taste. In teas, people often add tea, honey, or instant coffee to make the drink more enjoyable although the taste is really not too bad, nothing to freak out over. They don’t need to be boiled for long at all. Sometimes people add lime or lemon to increase the effects, although I would not advise this personally, as that just makes the strength less predictable. Predictable strength is one of the main benefits of natural drugs over street drugs, particularly mushrooms and it seems foolish to remove that benefit. And magic mushrooms are also preserved by some by storing the mushrooms in honey in a sealed container. I can’t advise this either, because that is possession of an illicit drug!

Sure, we should be given more legal options in terms of psychedelic experiences, in safe dosages and environments – but in the meantime if you wish to explore this space, you are on your own safety wise – it’s mostly up to you to know your drug, protect yourself from misidentifications, bad dosing, and difficult experiences – and look after your friends. Look before you leap.

Next week, I’ll look at how to prepare for, plan, and have a good trip.