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Life is a similar  concept as the pitbull  on a leash.


The pitbull exerts energy and wastes time trying to pull against his chain when he sees what he  perceives to be a threat or his prey. He knows the chain wont break, he knows he will injure his neck and fall tired, yet he allows himself to extend meaningless energy.


Much as life is for us. An idea or concept (energy) is formed, time is wasted and mental energy exerted only having thought about the idea or concept.


By allowing thoughts to stem and detaching from them or ‘Not Following Through’, you are wasting energy and time being as primitive as the pitbull pulling on the chain. Your thoughts know only conditioning of society and perception of what has occurred or is occurring in your life, giving you the excuse to keep exerting energy with no outcome.




The trained and conditioned pitbull is the most ultimate hunting tool with no fear.


The pitbulls master takes him hunting among the field of ideas, the conditioned pitbull pulls as a natural instinct but once the master sets a command, he is still & waits until the leash is released.


what does the pitbull do once he has successfully latched on to his prey?


he LOCKS ON! He doesn’t let go, until his lungs give up, until his heart starts failing. The prey may be bigger than the pitbull, the pitbull may get injured during the holding process, but he accepts his job given to him by nature.


The pitbull holds on until the prey falls to his feet.


Your job is to create. To neglect that concept is to pull against a chocking chain. Through conditioning of the mind, lock onto your dreams, stop wasting time & energy. Invest your energy into your prey until you have bought it to your feet. BE THE MASTER OF YOUR PITBULL


-Big Kid